About Us

PRINTERROR was started by me, Greg Cerna, in Austin, TX in 2015. I’ve been 3D printing since 2013 (ten years!) and have been supporting myself with this full-time for the past five years. Printers have come along way since I started printing, and I am obsessive about print quality - I take great pride in how smooth and consistent my layer lines are.

All these products are by designed by myself, but I print and ship them with the help of my business partner, Asher Ford, who runs Object Lover. We build and maintain the printers ourselves and we spend all our time trying to make the best products we can. 

We use a recyclable, corn-based bioplastic called PLA, and open-source Prusa 3D printers to produce all our products. We’re always trying to find as many ways as possible to reduce our waste, and all our packages are 100% recyclable as well.