About Us

PRINTERROR was founded in 2015 by Greg Cerna, a software engineer turned 3D printing artist, in Austin, TX.

All these unusual 3D prints are collaboratively designed and produced by queer friends in our home studio. We built the printers ourselves and we spend all our time trying to make the best products we can. 


About our Labor Practices

PRINTERROR is part of the Austin Worker Syndicate, a worker-owned coop that allows members to participate in our growth through equal pay and a sharing of knowledge and resources. A bunch of queer anti-capitalists doing what we can. :) Currently all of our objects are designed, assembled, and shipped from our little office in Austin, TX - but we’re growing fast!

We use recyclable, corn-based bioplastics called PLA and PRUSA 3D printers to produce our catalog, and we’re always trying to find as many ways as possible to reduce our waste production, whether that’s in the design, production, or shipping phases.