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The Glitched Nike

The Glitched Nike

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Modern, meet Classical. Our original take on the famous Winged Victory statue (also known as the Nike of Samothrace). Viewed from one side, the statue has a full-detailed replication of the original, with the softly feathered wings and flowing garment. On the other side we've constructed our Low Polygon effect to bring a different kind of beauty to the form. The statue stands 12" tall (9" deep and 6.5" wide), making it a showcase piece perfect for the center of your table or a real highlight on any shelf, as you can see in the photos it also looks great surrounded by other smaller pieces. This piece takes 36 full hours to print, our longest print yet, and we hope you enjoy all the work that went into making this one very special.

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All PRINTERROR products are 3D printed from PLA, an environmentally-friendly, recyclable (#7) bioplastic that is 100% derived from corn.

PLA is lightweight, is very durable and will withstand a lot of wear and tear, but it is not dishwasher safe and colors besides white will fade slightly if left outdoors long-term.


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